About us

Each animal feed producer has its own unique recipe for preparing its product, therefore the production plant has to be supplied in quite a few raw materials in order to get required end product. To optimize the process, producer has rely on a company that is not only experienced in feed additives market, but also trustworthy and flexible.

DAK Solutions is a company established in year 2010. But with 10 years experience in feed market it has established strong and effective cooperation across UE.

Most of all, but not only, we are specialized in markets: Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Czech, Bulgarian and German.

Consulting and trading is our core business. In our catalogue you can find feed additives for livestock, pets and fur animals, but upon of that we  are ready to face challenges with getting new products special for your needs. As we do not only sell products, we advice what to use as a replacement.

Dynamic growth is achieved thanks to trust and satisfaction of our customers. We are proud of running fair business, being focused on client  needs and handling only high quality products. In reply we got to become business partner for biggest feed producers in and outside the country.